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In the Name of

By Liat Fassberg
Director: Joël-Conrad Hieronymus

 Werkraum
 World premiere
 Premiere: 29.3.2022
 Strobe Effect
 25 Euro, 6 Euro reduced
 Werkraum
 World premiere
 Premiere: 29.3.2022
 Strobe Effect
 25 Euro, 6 Euro reduced

Niños Robados, orphan trains, forced adoptions, home children, פרשת ילדי תימן החטופים ואחרים, gerichte segregatie en gedwongen ontvoeringen, stolen generations… There are many names for it. It took place in different countries and under various conditions. “In the Name of” is an artistic examination of the systematic abduction of children from their families in the 19th and 20th centuries. It questions the perpetrators and those affected by these systems and explores the wounds left behind by these coercive practices.

Based on intensive research, Fassberg’s work “In the Name of” invites us to confront questions of social power structures and collective remembrance. In 2021, after participating in a writers’ residency as part of the thematic focus on “New Era, New Drama” at the Kammerspiele, Liat Fassberg was awarded the Munich Promotion Prize for German-Language Drama which includes two world premieres over two seasons at the Kammerspiele. Joël-Conrad Hieronymus is directing this formally demanding piece combining a lyrical musicality with poignant historical research in his own debut production at the Kammerspiele.

Don’t miss our exhibition to “In the Name of”.
60 minutes before the start of the performance, the exhibition is accessible in the foyer of the Werkraum. The installation, curated by Wiebke Puls, introduces the thematic cosmos of the play by Liat Fassberg. It is also the beginning of the production.

Foto: Armin Smailovic

  • Stage Manager Hanno Nehring
  • Directing Intern Antonia Grahmann
  • Stage Design Intern Julia Titschinski
  • Costume Design Intern Laura Stegmann
  • Dramaturgy Intern Max Kretschmann
  • Artistic Production Management Daniela Schroll
  • Technical Production Management Adrian Bette
  • Stage Master Marcel Homack
  • Stage Machinery Friederike Rückauf
  • Lighting Vera Ostfalk, Weronika Patan, Michael Pohorsky, Quirin Schacherl
  • Sound Thomas Schlienger
  • Video Maurizio Guolo, Anouk Maier
  • Make-Up Artist Caroline Montfort, Marisa Schleimer
  • Costumes Marija Ruzic, Fabiola Maria Schiavulli
  • Props Daniel Bittner
  • Carpentry Franz Wallner
  • Locksmithery Jürgen Goudenhooft, Stephan Weber, Friedrich Würzhuber
  • Decoration Gundula Gerngroß, Maria Hörger
  • Scenic Painting Evi Eschenbach
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