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Premiere 19.9. UA English Surtitles German surtitles
Mia san Mia
Horror meets comedy, past meets future – and we are in the middle of it: rooted in Bavaria, at home in the universe. • A Bavarian Space...
Premiere 20.9. UA English Surtitles
Sie kam aus Mariupol
A story about having the courage to question your own origins and find yourself anew! • Based on the bestseller by Natascha Wodin in an...
Premiere 11.10. English Surtitles
Amerika / Der Verschollene
Missing in the modern world • Based on the unfinished novel by Franz Kafka in an adaptation by Charlotte Sprenger and Olivia Ebert
Premiere 3.10.
Based on the novel by Michel Friedman • A project by Katharina Bach and Katrin Lindner
Premiere 12.10. UA
A night in which joy and lamentation lie close together. • Dance theatre by Serge Aimé Coulibaly with a long-form poem by Fiston Mwanza...
Premiere 23.11. UA
By Matthias van den Höfel
Premiere 22.11.
Baumeister Solness
Battle of the generations • By Henrik Ibsen, adapted and with additional texts by Gerhild Steinbuch
Premiere 13.12. UA
proteus 2481
Maybe this isn’t reality, but with a tweak or two it could be. • A Satyr Play by Aeschylus
Premiere 24.1.25 UA
Oh Schreck!
Get bitten! • A Vampire Comedy by Jan-Christoph Gockel, inspired by F. W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu” and the life of Max Schreck
Premiere 21.2.25
An artist caught between conforming and rebelling • Based on the novel of a career by Klaus Mann
Premiere 8.3.25 Otto Falckenberg School of Performing Arts
RCE – #RemoteCodeExecution
A blueprint for world revolution • By Sibylle Berg in an adaptation by Dennis Duszczak and Hannah Saar • Year group production by the...
Premiere 10.4.25
Struggle for recognition • By Rainer Werner Fassbinder with an epilogue by Emre Akal
Premiere 26.4.25
Tristan (und Isolde)
Love is love is silence is love is word is music? • Musical Theatre in the many languages of love by Nele Jahnke
Premiere 30.4.25
Was Ihr wollt
Fake it till you make it! • Comedy by William Shakespeare
Premiere 5.6.25 UA
Off to a new life! • Based on the novel by Lion Christ in an adaptation by Florian Fischer and Tobias Schuster
Premiere 26.6.25 UA
War Games
Theatre of the new generation • A project by SKART & Friends with children aged 12 to 14