Traute Hoess, Elias Krischke, Marie Bonnet, Maren Solty & Martin Weigel are sitting or standing in a cowshed. There are black pebbles on the floor.

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Three Snapshots of Bavaria
By Christoph Frick & Lothar Kittstein

 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 World premiere
 Opening night: 9.2.2024
 2 hours
 Thu-Sat: 25€, Sun-Wed: 20€, under 30 years each seat category: 10€
 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 World premiere
 Opening night: 9.2.2024
 2 hours
 Thu-Sat: 25€, Sun-Wed: 20€, under 30 years each seat category: 10€

It’s not the earth’s fault.

Biologist Fritzi has inherited a farm and is researching the food of the future. Her start-up designs genetically modified grain. But the land challenges her. The farm seems to be occupied by her neighbor Johanna and figures emerge from her head claiming to be the universe, the soil or Uncle Georg.

The same Ulrike does not want to take over the farm in 1973, nor does her brother. Her parents had invested, bought machines, modernized. But now there is an oil crisis and everything they had learned to do and plan is shaky. Father Hermann slaughters the last sow, and Ulrike is haunted by an even deeper buried past: The largest volcanic eruption in our records, Tambora in Indonesia, blows a gigantic cloud of ash across the globe in 1815, blocking out the sun. The two missing summers cause one of the greatest famines in Europe in the 19th century and where the new stable is now to be built, there was the wooden hut of their ancestors…

Director Christoph Frick and author Lothar Kittstein have already worked intensively on the climate crisis and scenarios for sustainable coexistence in artistic and activist terms. In combination with choreography and video, the result is a haunting and visually powerful piece about our dependence on nature.

A play commissioned by the Münchner Kammerspiele.
  • Training and movement coach Moritz Ostruschnjak
  • Assistant director Hannah Waldow
  • Stage design assistance Nikolai Kuchin
  • Costume assistance Rafael Hinz
  • Inspection Barbara Stettner
  • Prompter Daphne Chatzopoulos
  • Dramaturgy internship Theresa Böhm
  • Stage design internship Charlotte Braun
  • Technical Production Management Jonas Pim Simon
  • Artistic Production Management Daniela Schroll
  • Stage manager Josef Hofmann
  • Stage Machinery Thomas Grill, Friederike Rückauf
  • Lighting Felix Adams, Maximilian Kraußmüller, Michael Pohorsky
  • Sound Paolo Mariangeli, Katharina Widmaier-Zorn
  • Video Jens Baßfeld, Ikenna David Okegwo
  • Drone operator Kai Metzner
  • Nature footage Jesse Mazuch
  • Make-Up Elvira Liesenfeld, Thomas Opatz
  • Props Daniel Bittner, Stefan Leeb
  • Carpentry Ellen Bosse, Josef Friesl, Stefan Klodt-Bussmann, Clemens Künneth
  • Metalworkers Jürgen Goudenhooft, Friedrich Würzhuber
  • Decorations Anja Gebauer, Tobias Herzog, Maria Hörger
  • Scenic Painting Evi Eschenbach, Ingrid Weindl
  • Stage Sculpture Maximilian Biek
  • Performance rights © S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2023
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