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Bavarian Suffragettes

A devised play on the history of the women’s movement in Munich by Jessica Glause and the ensemble

 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Premiere: 27.6.2021
 1 hour 50 minutes
 German with English surtitles
 Thu-Sat: 15-45€, Sun-Wed: 10-40€, under 30 years: 10€
 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Premiere: 27.6.2021
 1 hour 50 minutes
 German with English surtitles
 Thu-Sat: 15-45€, Sun-Wed: 10-40€, under 30 years: 10€

We would be living in a different city if more people had listened to these women. One-hundred-and-twenty years ago, Munich was a total bastion of the women’s movement. Many female artists led the movement, including Anita Augspurg and Sophia Goudstikker and their legendary “Elvira” photo studio, as well as many female writers such as Gabriele Reuter, Carry Brachvogel and Helene Böhlau. These women radically questioned the status quo, wanted to work (and be mothers) and fought for “education, health and rights”, even though they were forbidden from organising themselves politically. They met anyway, smoked and drank, engaged in all kinds of relationships and created a politically effective movement. This musical play raises the roof and digs deeper! We introduce ten forgotten protagonists and connect them to the present. The first Bavarian Women’s Day in 1899 was both a high point and a turning point. Again and again, the movement faltered and achievements were forgotten. The Nazis thoroughly eliminated the legacy of the first women’s movement, but these women also have no place in the city’s collective memory of today. There was never such a thing as “Bavarian Suffragettes”. But, with this play, we invent and investigate the female friendships of yesterday in order to inspire the networks and role models of tomorrow.

In cooperation with
  • Assistant to the Director Joël-Conrad Hieronymus, Shannon Harris
  • Stage Design Assistant Hannah Wolf
  • Costumes Assistant Florian Buder, Mirjam Pleines
  • Stage Design Intern Marit Hartmann
  • Costumes intern Leila Lüttke
  • Dramaturge Intern Elena Saalfrank
  • Correspondent Susanna Klovsky
  • Stage Manager Hanno Nehring
  • Prompter Jutta Masurath
  • Surtitles Agentur SprachSpiel - Yvonne Griesel
  • Artistic Production Management Gina Penzkofer, Victoria Fischer
  • Technical Production Management Adrian Bette, Hanna Kriegleder
  • Stage Master Oliver Cagran
  • Stage Machinery Florian Obermeier, Stefan Wickop
  • Lighting Diana Dorn, Weronika Patan, Kathrin Lagner, Franziska Erbe
  • Sound Katharina Widmaier-Zorn, Viola Drewanz
  • Video Jake Witlen, Jens Baßfeld
  • Make-Up Artist Sylvia Janka, Elvira Liesenfeld, Sofie Reindl-Grüger, Steffen Roßmanith, Marisa Schleimer
  • Costumes Arite Pissang, Marija Ruzic, Teresa Winkelmann
  • Props Manuel Kößler
  • Carpentry Susanne Dölger, Michael Buhl
  • Locksmithery Friedrich Würzhuber, Jürgen Goudenhooft, Stephan Weber
  • Decoration Tobias Herzog, Martin Schall
  • Scenic Painting Evi Eschenbach, Jeanette Raue, Oliver Freitag
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Press Reviews

„Geschichtsunterricht in Sachen Emanzipation: der Theaterabend “Bayerische Suffragetten” mit einem fabelhaften Frauenensemble in den Münchner Kammerspielen.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung • 28.6.21

„Was wir heute unter intersektionalem Feminismus verschlagworten, wäre rein gar nichts ohne diese zehn Kämpferinnen der Vergangenheit, die uns Menschen der Gegenwart hier ihre Geschichten entgegenschleudern, uns mahnen: Der Kampf ist noch lange nicht vorbei – und Gegenwart, ja, Zukunft, ist eben nichts ohne ihre Geschichte.” • 27.6.21