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Lange Nacht der neuen Dramatik 2023

Five reading performances at the end of the author residency as part of the "Münchner Förderpreis für neue Dramatik" (Munich Prize for New Drama)

 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 1.7.2023
 Trigger warning: The reading "Ein Schwalbenjunge (Un Joven Golondrina)" cites sexualized and racist violence. Visual footage of slaughtered cows is shown.
 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 1.7.2023
 Trigger warning: The reading "Ein Schwalbenjunge (Un Joven Golondrina)" cites sexualized and racist violence. Visual footage of slaughtered cows is shown.

Five authors have participated in a two-month residency at the Münchner Kammerspiele since May 2023. At the end of the residency, their texts are presented in staged readings and the Munich Prize for German-language drama is awarded.

The nominees:

DIEZEN collective

Magda and Sascha wish to have a child, but Magda is unable to conceive with her own eggs due to her endometriosis. The play begins when Magda and Sascha have found an egg donor: Magda’s colleague Marga.

What can emerge when notions of family multiply? Can parenthood be detached from romantic networks of relationships? What remains of a family when its supposed foundation suddenly no longer exists?

The authors of the DIEZEN collective question heteronormative family structures and the notions of conventional mother and father roles by addressing reality in their text and challenging it.
reality and challenge them.

With: Lotta Ökmen, Leoni Schulz, Lucy Wilke; Director: Sahar Rahimi; Stage: Yue Ying; Costumes: Julia Bahn; Dramaturgy: Caroline Schlockwerder; Assistant director: Melina Dressler

Ein Schwalbenjunge (Un Joven Golondrina)
Laura Santos

“To all the Moras and Belindas” Laura Santos.

Argentina, in the Rio Negro valley: a truck overturns and empties its entire load of cows on the road. Locals approach the scene of the accident to secure the best cuts of meat in a brutal slaughter between dead and live animals. Teenage girls Belinda and Mora witness this bloodlust, of which only Belinda returns home with a rescued calf. Mora disappears without a trace.

We accompany the protagonist Belinda on her search for her friend. A search in which the Argentine author Laura Santos describes in haunting images a dense network of relationships and thus the structures of a social order that makes young women disappear, silences them, tortures them and finally kills them.

With: Bernardo Arias Porras, Cathrine Dumont, Jelena Kuljić, Frida Lang, Elisabeth Nittka, Michael Pietsch, Leoni Schulz; Director: Florian Fischer; Stage: Nikolai Kuchin; Costumes: Heloà Pizzi Mauro; Dramaturgy: Felicitas Friedrich; Assistant director: Claudia Kaunzner; Translation: Miriam Denger

Paula Kläy

Viktoria returns to her family in the Bernese Oberland.
To her mother, sister, son, uncle, Franz, to 91 ski lifts and 230 kilometers of lonely slopes.
Slowly, the pain of those left at home fans out. OBERLAND tells of mountain ranges so high that there is no horizon waiting behind them and the inability of the characters to escape their own fate. Because after the après ski, there’s only, there’s only -

Paula Kläy’s poetics of inevitability holds her characters captive, is bitterly funny, sharply observed, and asks whether inherent in every departure is the impossibility of returning home.

With: Elias Krischke, Anna Gesa-Raija Lappe, Annette Paulmann, Vincent Redetzki, Thomas Schmauser, Clara Walla; Director: Felicitas Brucker; Stage: Nikolai Kuchin; Costumes: Katharina Quandt; Dramaturgy: Caroline Schlockwerder; Assistant director: Melina Dressler

Hacked (EXT`S BLOG)
Alexey Sinyaev

“If you stay until the end, maybe you will understand me. Do not think that this is a trick. I won`t do any more stream, podcast, review, celebrity disparagement or any shit like that. It sucks. To make a long story short: I’m going to unsubscribe. This is the episode of my self-destruction, a video catapult to the outside world. I hereby unsubscribe.”

With these words, Russian author Alexey Sinyaev has his protagonist EXT launch into a final grand monologue. The format: the video blog, the audience: an unknown number of witnesses of an announced exit.

“Just a step away from the paradise and then I’ll say I made it, wanna beautiful life.”

With: Bernardo Arias Porras; Director: Demjan Duran; Stage: Katharina Quandt; Costumes: Yue Ying; Dramaturgy: Olivia Ebert; Assistant director: Claudia Kaunzner; Translation: Ruth Altenhofer and Jennie Seitz

Matthias van den Höfel

David has had several severe disabilities since birth and is dependent on constant care. David’s caregiver Olli says: It’s worse elsewhere. Regina says: David needs a familiar environment, and he needs me, his mother; how should he live without me.

When Regina’s partner Michael receives a job offer in Peru, Regina doesn’t know how to deal with it. Her friends say: Regina, think of yourself for a change. And: Soon Peru, like crazy. And Regina can hardly find the strength to open the refrigerator door.

Matthias van den Höfel’s verses of his play “Drinnen” are not meant to be big, he says. Often as if spoken in passing. As well as the topic love care and domestic care and the invisible and unpaid care work of women in our society often go unnoticed.

With: Sebastian Brandes, Max Faatz, Emma Floßmann, Julia Gräfner, Frangiskos Kakoulakis; Director: Florian Fischer; Stage: Julia Bahn; Costumes: Kira Marx; Dramaturgy: Olivia Ebert; Assistant director: Claudia Kaunzner

In cooperation with
  • Stage Julia Bahn, Nikolai Kuchin, Katharina Quandt, Yue Ying
  • Costumes Julia Bahn, Kira Marx, Heloà Pizzi Mauro, Katharina Quandt, Yue Ying
  • Assistant director Melina Dressler, Claudia Kaunzner
  • Dramaturgy Assistant Felicitas Friedrich
  • Artistic Production Management Victoria Fischer, Josh Menges
  • Technical Production Management Adrian Bette
  • Stage Master Josef Hofmann, Felix Weindl
  • Stage Machinery Daniel Capellino, Ulrich Heyer, Stefan Wickop
  • Lighting Parthasarathi Sampath Kumar, Maximilian Kraußmüller, Falko Rosin
  • Stage Manager Julia Edelmann
  • Sound Marie-Louise Heß, Paolo Mariangeli, Quirin Schacherl
  • Video Emma Aichner, Thomas Zengerle
  • Make-Up Caroline Montfort, Nicola Richter-Okegwo, Maxi Schwarzkopf
  • Props Dagmar Nachtmann, Heidemarie Sänger
  • Carpentry Florian Thoma
  • Metalworker Benjamin Böwing, Jürgen Goudenhooft, Friedrich Würzhuber
  • Decoration Anja Gebauer, Maria Hörger, Lisann Öttl
  • Scenic Painting Evi Eschenbach, Oliver Freitag
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