“Sex is art, too!”

Lucy Wilke explores artistic ideas and practices that break with familiar processes and patterns. She acts, dances, writes and sings and conveys passionate, body-positive and visionary messages with her art. In her artistic universe, the focus is on the intensity of micro-movements and actions – it is not their size that is important, but their depth.

Lucy grew up in a trailer park in the north of Munich. After completing secondary school, she trained in theatre at the International Munich Art Lab, spent three months in London and then undertook various assistant director jobs. In 2017, Lucy Wilke appeared in Fucking Disabled, a theatre production directed by David von Westphalen. This resulted in a collaboration with Pawel Duduś, with whom she hosted workshops entitled The Eroticism of Restriction and developed the play SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP at the Schwere Reiter and Münchner Kammerspiele. The collaboration between Wilke and Duduś intensely explores the physicality of a restricted body and focuses on the development of a body-positive choreographic language and a creative approach to disability. SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP won Der Faust German theatre prize in the Best Dancer category in 2020 and was invited to the 2021 Theatertreffen.

#intuition #friendship #tenderness #bodypositive
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