Photo: Nicole Marianna Wytyczak


R-Faktor. Das Unfassbare

Direction, Research, Text: Ayşe Güvendiren

 Werkraum
 1 hour 15 minutes
 German
 25 Euro, 6 Euro reduced
 Werkraum
 1 hour 15 minutes
 German
 25 Euro, 6 Euro reduced

“Do you actually experience it like that? That can’t be!” This disbelief regularly hits people who have experienced racism as soon as they tell the dominance society about their experiences.

As a rule, the white majority society claims for itself the right to weigh up the truth content of its reports.
In line with this white self-image of interpretive sovereignty, BIPoC art and culture professionals invite people to talk about their experiences in “R-Faktor. The Unbelievable”, a political late night show,now self-empoweringly invite them to judge their experiences in the white-dominated art and culture industry. Decide: Is it fact or fiction?
Together with the audience, a presenter follows the fictionalised accounts of an acting student, a film student, an assistant director and two actresses. They are all united by the R-factor: the racism factor and its reproduction. Because even in cultural institutions, the self-declared places of an artistic utopia, the structural inequalities of society dominate their everyday working lives. Developed from interviews with 30 BIPoC art and culture professionals, “R-Factor” depicts a reality to which their white colleagues close their eyes.

  • With: Şafak Şengül
  • Director, Research, Textcollage: Ayşe Güvendiren
  • Stage & Set Design: Theresa Scheitzenhammer
  • Costume and Makeup: Melina Poppe
  • Dramaturge: Carlotta Huys
  • Assistant to the Director: Suvi Schrank
  • Directing Intern: Lisa Fricke
  • Assistant Dramaturge: Tassilo Pyko
  • Stage Design Assistant & Collaboration Set Design: Jiannis Murböck
  • Camera & Editing: Louis Dickhaut
  • Editing: Oliver Buchalik
  • Lighting: Maxi Blässing, Dominik Büchl
  • Sound: Friedo Günther
  • Video: Markus Bührend, Jens Baßfeld
  • Komparserie: Lisa Fricke, Suvi Schrank
  • Mentor: Nora Abdel-Maksoud
  • Sound Designer & Music: Sophia Jani

Press Reviews

„R-Faktor“ ist eine lange nachhallende Lehrstunde über Alltagsrassismus. Beklemmend, verstörend, mit großer Wut, aber auch überraschend viel Humor.”

Münchner Merkur • 20.2.22

„In R-FAKTOR gelingt das Kunststück einer Lehrstunde über Rassismus, präzise, verstörend, erhellend. Einem verbittert diskutierten Thema wird hier mit Humor begegnet – und echte Einfühlung ermöglicht.“

Jury-Begründung Körber-Studio Regie • 7.6.21

„[D]ie Recherchen von Ayşe Güvendiren […] legen mit großer Unerbittlichkeit nahe, dass Rassismus und Sexismus, gerne auch in Kombination, zum Alltag nicht nur in den Büros der Intendanz gehören, sondern auch auf den Probebühnen und in den Theaterkantinen.“

Münchner Abendzeitung • 27.5.21