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Die Welt wird irr an ihren Früchten

A Shakespeare project
Annual production Otto Falckenberg School
Directed by: Jorinde Dröse & Anne Habermehl

 Werkraum
 Premiere: 22.3.2024
 1 hour 20 minutes
 Werkraum
 Premiere: 22.3.2024
 1 hour 20 minutes

In dealing with the universal themes of love, identity, origin and power, Shakespeare’s works - despite or precisely because of their age - offer an incorruptible power. Together with the 3rd year students of the Otto Falckenberg School, directors Anne Habermehl and Jorinde Dröse examine Shakespeare’s greatest hits.
Titania and Oberon’s conflict sparks a confusion of emotions, which Puck joyfully drives even further into the centrifuge of identities. In the forest at night, Hamlet meets a ghost, Juliet loves Romeo, Helena pursues her lover, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth plot murder and Othello gets a mad flea of jealousy in his ear. A firework display of emotions, love, greed for life and power, at the end of which the question arises: is it possible to change the narrative of these greedy entanglements?
The artist Sofiia Melnyk creates a live-drawn stage space for this magical night. Costume designer Juliane Kalkowski creates a universe of fantasy. After the work “Glow Box BRD”, this is the second work by the directing team.

  • Assistant director Antonia Grahmann
  • Assistance equipment Felix von Loeffelholz
  • Production management art Victoria Fischer
  • Technical production manager Adrian Bette
  • Stage Master Marcel Homack
  • Stage Machinery Thomas Grill
  • Lighting Michael Barth, Tankred Friedrich
  • Sound Nicholas Brown
  • Video Zara Lazarevic, Dirk Windloff
  • Make-Up Mai Strathmann
  • Costumes Marija Ruzic
  • Props Markus Bührend, Lucia Eidmann , Florian Limmer
  • Metalworkers Jürgen Goudenhooft, Friedrich Würzhuber
  • Decorations Anja Gebauer, Tobias Herzog, Maria Hörger
  • Scenic Painting Evi Eschenbach, Ingrid Weindl
  • With special thanks for the support to Marcus Boshkow, Axel Humbert, Johanna Richter
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Fri 25.10. 7:30 – 8:50 pm
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Die Welt wird irr an ihren Früchten
  • Werkraum
  • Premiere: 22.3.2024
  • 1 hour 20 minutes