März 2021

Loneliness and longing from Tehran, Iran

Quarantine and empty streets; Is there any trust in one-way signs?!

Our masks are getting bigger and bigger every day, even behind closed doors.

Loneliness, awaiting and fantasy; longing for a warm hand even from distance.

In the land that sleeps on oil; its people make a living by selling kidneys. I wish we had two hearts, two brains and two livers and two …

Behind the walls …

Elahe Moonesi

is a director and choreographer based in Tehran. She started her profession in 2001 and graduated from Sooreh University in 2004 with BA in Theatre directing. Due to her passion for contemporary dance, over many years she has done extensive research on its different techniques and styles, and has participated in different European workshops and courses to broaden her knowledge in the field. She has contributed to the development and the progress of contemporary dance in Iran through many plays that she has directed, choreographed and danced in. She has also made several short films and video Art due to her interest in cinema. According to the body’s view in Society, the environment and literature, she finds her own language to express her vision without any boundaries in art.

www.elahemoonesi.com Instagram 

Close friends far away

Dossier • 4 Beiträge

Befreundete Künstler*innen aus anderen, oft weit entfernten Regionen geben uns Einblicke in ihre Lebenswelten. Nehmen wir das als Anti-Lethargikum.

Auch interessant