März 2021

Yena Gim

Everyday dramas from Seoul, South Korea

Visiting grandma in retirement home. My brother and I had of course imagined that we shouldn’t hug her or take off the mask. But it was like visiting a prison, only unsure which side the prisoners were. Fortunately we were allowed to visit them at all “back then”, after that it wasn't even possible.

The banner says: Waiting room for actors. Of course, it wouldn’t have been like that in real life, it was just brought there by accident with all the trash. But for some moments I couldn’t move until I found it funny and took a photo.

At the beginning it was said to keep 1 seat away in the theater hall. Now it's time to keep 2 seats apart. Many theater professionals fight against it, but for me personally it doesn’t matter if there are 1 or 2 seats. Better to have 2 spectators very cozy at one seat.

How do we deal with the ban on cafes? Get the chairs yourself and sit on the edge of the street, power box as a tea table. It was a sunny autumn day and the memory remains beautiful. We talked about the fact that sometimes very small and simple things give us the strength to look at the world with a bit of humor

Food delivery is my part time job right now. It is a strange feeling when someone orders a cup of coffee and a croissant and I bring it to him / her — on foot. Sometimes I also get toilet paper or chips, eggs, cola, etc. for the people. I try to take it as an interesting walk and watch different dramas in everyday life. This is where I feel the power or the wit of capitalism most. For example: Once I delivered food to a super luxurious apartment. The door guard led me to a “different elevator” than the one the residents use. It is unimaginable that this elevator belongs to this apartment and the texts on the wall were unfortunately not so poetic or philosophical.

Yena Gim is a storyteller and director from Korea. She studied theater education at the University of the Arts in Berlin, where she discovered storytelling for herself. Since she returned to Korea, she has been working with different methods and disciplines such as dance, music, acting, performative research and storytelling. She is currently working as a supplier delivering food and drink from the restaurant / Coffeehouse to the customer on foot. In 2020 she organized the Quarantine Art Party as artistic director. More than 60 artists from different countries such as Korea, Germany, Turkey, Philippines, Japan, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Brazil etc. took part and exchanged ideas. You can gain insights at https://kleinkunstparty.wordpress.com  Instagram  

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