März 2021

Marien Fernández Castillo-Zuleydys Depekín

Barks of love from Yaguajay/Sancti Spíritus, Cuba

Two loves, arriving and making me feel like it makes sense to look for money to survive. Two loves, of light.

My little dog, you have accompanied me all these gray days to give me caresses and barks of love.

Taking care of these stamps/badges as historical heritage in the museum, which is my job, so that when all this situation is over, new people can get to know it.

It has been my job to wash these cups every day and make tea with wild herbs to give it to friends.

This is precisely how I feel at this time, like you, little bird who was born free and got imprisoned. I hope you can get out of that cage.

Cuban interdisciplinary creator who focuses his research on the relationship of words, affections and the body. He is an active member of the artistic platform „Laboratorio escénico de experimentación social“ and has published La Furrumalla (play, 2007), La masacre de las palabras (poems, 2019) and Penélope aserrando televiché (poems, 2020).

Soundcloud (as rapper Zuleydys Depekín) Interview (Spanish) Instagram 

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