“Change is always an act of the present.”

CyCy comes from the future but, as a time traveller, she always keeps an eye on the past. Embodied by actor Nancy Mensah-Offei, she most recently hunted post-colonial Bavarian ghosts in Togo from the 1980s to the present day in the production “We Blacks Must Stick Together” – A Response. CyCy believes that the responsibility for hunting down the phantoms that still haunt societies can no longer be delegated to individuals and is instead a task for society as a whole. So she quit her job and is now sipping cocktails and dreaming of a future without a colonial past. But her dreams are interrupted by the legendary 12th century West African princess Yennenga. In this sequel play, “Les statues rêvent aussi. Vision of a Return”, we tell the story of this encounter across the centuries between two courageous women.

Premiere: 15 October 2022, simultaneously in Lomé and Munich.

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German & French Surtitles Sisterhood
Les statues rêvent aussi. Vision einer Rückkehr
A simultaneous performance between West Africa and Munich by Serge...
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