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Woman With Stones

Performance by Caroline Creutzburg
MK: Festival "Water, Earth and I"

 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 1 hour 15 minutes
 English with German surtitles
 15 Euro, 10 Euro reduced
 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 1 hour 15 minutes
 English with German surtitles
 15 Euro, 10 Euro reduced

What if nature wore drag?

What if biomass and subjectivity were distributed differently between nature and humans? – Or: What if nature herself wore drag? The Körber-Studio-Prize winner of 2017, Caroline Creutzburg, and her team follow bodily particularities and theatrescapes of eclectic realities. They invoke divas, stones and radioactive fireflies and let them coincide in their bodies as versions of a shared identity. They devote themselves to the relationship between these imaginary subjectivities and provoke an interplay of emergence and disappearance, of assimilation and dissimilation.

A production by Caroline Creutzburg in co-production with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt and Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg, in cooperation with FREISCHWIMMEN. Revival 2022 made possible by Münchner Kammerspiele. Supported by NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ Gastspielförderung Theater, funded by Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, as well as Kultur- und Kunstministerien der Länder.
  • By and with René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Clara Reiner, Zrinka Užbinec, Zuzana Žabková
  • Performance Munich Igor Koruga
  • Co-Development Micha Goldberg, Catalina Insignares
  • Concept, Artistic Direction Caroline Creutzburg
  • Dramaturge Clara Reiner, Catalina Insignares
  • Costumes Charlotte Pistorius
  • Stage Design Caroline Creutzburg
  • Cooperation Stage Design Filo Krause
  • Lightning Stine Hertel
  • Light Hendrik Borowski
  • Sound Viola Drewanz
  • Technical Management Hendrik Borowski
  • Artistic Production Management Carmen Salinas
Festival "Water, Earth and I"
MK: Festival “Water, Earth and I”
Theater, Tanz und Performance aus Turtle Island (Kanada) und Deutschland 8. – 13.11.2022