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Money makes me cry

A minute for a member of the audience
With: Wiebke Puls
Concept: Jan Bosse

 Schauspielhaus
 Schauspielhaus

One-to-one. One euro for one minute of emotion, one minute of art, one minute of real crying. Money for time. Money for art.

In a time when the value of art is not discussed (half) enough, when we lack mourning as a collective gesture and it touches us as an individual emotion sometimes more, sometimes less – depending on our vulnerability caused by the experiences of the last month – this one-minute performance provides a special experience: individual members of the audience book a timeslot, pay one euro, receive a handkerchief and enter the empty auditorium alone. The doors close. The euro is deposited for the actor. A freely chosen seat is taken. The lighting changes. The curtains open. The actor cries for the individual audience member for one minute. The curtains close. The lighting returns to normal.

Wiebke Puls weeps for you and with you.

With thanks to Matthias von Hartz

Entry is free. Please book a free-of-charge timeslot.